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GMO Labeling Update: Chipotle Boldly Goes Where No Restaurant Has Gone Before!

In a move guaranteed to energize food revolutionaries and annoy Monsanto executives, Chipotle becomes the first restaurant to label GMOs. The company also plans to reduce GMO-containing menu items by shifting from soybean to sunflower oil, and exploring other ingredient changes. Along with similar announcements earlier this year from Whole Foods, Ben & Jerry’s, and Target, Chipotle’s new policy reflects a trend that’s gaining ground like wildfire: people want GMO labeling, and non-GMO dining!

Chipotle Lures Locavores, Sources Produce Locally

Chipotle Mexican Grill is once again breaking from the fast-food model. The Denver-based chain known for its clean flavors and burly burritos is pledging to use a set amount of local produce at each of its more than 730 restaurants around the country β€” when produce is in season. This summer, Chipotle is purchasing twenty-five …

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