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Food Biodiversity Loss Since Early 1900s

Biodiversity in our food supply is dwindling, but what can we do to preserve it?

At the turn of last century, farmers and gardeners could choose from hundreds of varieties of seeds to grow various food plants. Today, those numbers have dwindled to as little as 12.

7 Good Reasons to Quit Bottled Water

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Sustainable Local Food & Fun

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Buying Local vs Fair Trade

We talk a lot around here about voting with our wallets, and often the choice is easy. Do you buy the conventional corn, which is most likely genetically modified and covered in pesticides, or the organic corn at the farmer’s market? No contest, right? But what about when you’re faced with choosing between local and fair trade?

Sustainable Eating and Your Connection to Nature

As humanity faces the biggest challenge it has ever faced – to live sustainably on this wonderful and mysterious blue-green planet – all of our habits and assumptions have come under question. What we eat, of course, has been no different.

Farmers Market Fare 7

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Farmers Market Fare 6

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Farmers Market Fare 5

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