Moyers to Interview Vandana Shiva: Physicist, Activist, Ecologist Speaks Against GMO Agriculture

“Seed is the source of life… Seed is the first link in the food chain, and therefore when you control seed you control food.” Dr. Vandana Shiva speaks eloquently about the problems inherent in biotechnology-based corporate agriculture, and passionately argues for a food system overhaul driven by consumer action. Share this preview with everyone you know who eats food! Then catch the full interview this weekend on Moyers & Company.

GMOs in Mainstream Media: Bill Maher on Labeling

The June 27 episode of Real Time With Bill Maher features a rowdy discussion of the pros and cons of labeling on genetically modified foods. Like pink slime, mainstream interest in the GMO labeling issue appears to be growing by leaps and bounds. If this trend continues, Monsanto may have a hard time putting the GMO public-awareness genie back in the bottle!

GMO Free USA: New Group Seeks Change Through Direct Consumer Action

Consumers want GMO labels by an overwhelming majority, but Monsanto has deep pockets — and so far, sufficient political clout to override the democratic process regarding labels for genetically modified foods. In response to this sorry state of affairs, one CT voter turned anger into action and founded GMO Free USA. This innovative grass-roots group seeks to take the issue directly to food manufacturers, through massive consumer action.

New Monsanto-Dow ‘Stacked Resistance’ GE Crops: Big Mistake or Bad Idea?

Roundup Ready ‘superweeds’ have evolved herbicide resistance, resulting in ever-increasing Roundup application and escalating use of unsustainable farming practices.

The biotechnology industry’s proposed solution? GM crops with combined resistance to Roundup AND an Agent Orange ingredient called 2,4-D — so now we can have even MORE herbicide use and even TOUGHER intractable weeds! Yay! What could possibly go wrong?!

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