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Bananas and Fair Trade? What You Can Do

Bananas are one of the leading marketable fruits in the world, and you can be sure that big money is involved. The new film β€œBig Boys Gone Bananas!*”, by Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten is the shocking story of how Dole tried to stop the documentary “Bananas!*” from airing. They failed.

Pesticides That Buy Time

[social_buttons] This is the third in a series of posts talking about crop-by-crop reasons that pesticides are used.Β  These are reasons that go beyond just protecting the yield of the [ … ]

Better Banana Smoothies help with Spring Fever

I’m here to promote better eating. Not perfect eating, just better eating. I try to buy as much locally-grown organic food as possible, but winter season is humbling. Months of [ … ]