Animal Rights Conference

Animal Rights Conference Update

We are now barely into the month of June, which means…we have made it through the torrential downpour of spring, the frigid winter, and also, that the Animal Rights 2012 National Conference is two months from kickoff. I will have the pleasure of attending the AR2012 from August 2 through August 5 this year in Washington D.C., which is a great excuse to visit the area and hear a bunch of amazing speakers, authors and activists for the first time.

Animal Rights Conference Lineup Announced!

Ever been to a business meeting or a seminar with a catered lunch buffet? While other patrons are excitedly piling on heaps of grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes or caesar salads topped with parmesan and cream, vegans in the joint are forced to munch on saltines, pick green beans out of the bacon or smuggle in a Cliff bar. …

Animal Rights Conference Lineup Announced! Read More 👉

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