Red Wine Allergies?

The verdict is still out on the main culprit of wine allergies and intolerances with other experts suggesting that people may be affected by sulfites, higher alcohol levels, tannins, yeast strains, acidity, cork or common contaminents. Sadly, the only remedy seems to be abstinence.

What’s Causing the Increase in Food Allergies?

We talked last week about a child with a debilitating peanut allergy, and several commenters brought up the good point that we didn’t see food allergies like this when we were kids. What’s causing this increase in food allergies here in the U.S., and what can we do to prevent them? As it turns out, kids are not “wimps,” as one commenter put it. In fact, what’s changed isn’t the kids. It’s our food.

Buzz Off! How to Beat Local Allergies With Local Honey

Drippy.  Itchy.  Stuffy.  Groggy.  Sound familiar?  If you regularly suffer from springtime allergies, the answer is probably yes.  While loading up on the Claritins, Benadryls, or Zyrtecs is one option, you can also try some local honey. When bees ingest the nectar from flowers, they’re also ingesting some of the plants’ pollen.  This nectar is …

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