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Ripe for Change: The Story of Caifornia’s Local Food Movement

Passionate, committed people that believed in a saner, healthier approach to growing and preparing food as a core value drove California’s local food movement. The film Ripe for Change tells the story of California’s role as a key player in the movement for local organic food production through the stories of its foodie rock stars, and highlights the issues that still persist today for small farms.

Alice Waters: How to Fix School Nutrition

Alice Waters talks with CNN about her ideas for improving school nutrition. Exposing kids to fresh food and gardens at school broadens their palates at the same time they learn about proper nutrition, health, and other science disciplines.

Obama’s “Kitchen Cabinet”

The San Francisco Chronicle today reports that President-elect Barack Obama received a letter from Alice Waters of Chez Panisse; volunteering her services – and those of Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl [ … ]

Renegade Lunch Lady

The clock is ticking and back-to-school sales are bombarding us every time we turn on the TV or open a newspaper. At the same time, farmer’s markets are at their [ … ]