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Combining Alcohol and Caffeine

Red bull and vodka…one of my favorite drinks. Combining caffeine and alcohol, at least according to me, is a brilliant idea: alcohol for a bit of social lubrication and caffeine to make me forget that I was up at 7 am for a run. But is mixing caffeine and alcohol actually bad for you?

Pump Your Own Wine

So you thought boxed wine was tacky? Just wait. You soon may be able to pump your own wine at the store. While it may not win you points with your sommelier club, it will score you some with mother nature.

New Study Shows that Moderate Drinkers Live the Longest, but Why?

Here’s the latest on vice research: moderate drinkers, those who consumed 1-3 drinks per day, were shown to live longer than those who abstained completely or drank heavily. Having just got back from the pub, I was happy to read this, but is it really the alcohol that helps people live longer?

Kombucha Withdrawn From Stores

I’ve always been a fan of kombucha, the fermented tea touted for its health benefits. But the buzz I would get from store-bought kombucha always made me feel like a [ … ]