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How Clean Is Your Chicken?

As it turns out, 80 percent of poultry growers never sanitize their crates. And neither do those who transport chickens to slaughterhouses. This seems like a bad idea.

Weeds Crossbreeding with GMO crops

Not only are different genetically modified plants creeping their way out into the wild and growing along side native plants; they’re now crossbreeding with each other and making “super-superweeds” that are resistant to multiple herbicides, as was discovered in recent research.

Big Chicken [VIDEO]

The Pew Environment Group released a report detailing the environmental impact of ‘Big Chicken’, and the details are grim.

National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement – Comments Due

Corporate agribusiness has a plan to write its own food safety laws and they’re calling it the National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement. The agreement, if implemented, will cut costs to the major agricultural corporations by ensuring that everyone follows the same production procedures – whether small farm or large farm, organic or conventional.

Eat Local Challenge

While looking at my former graduate school’s webpage, I saw that their food vendor, Bon Appetit, is hosting an “Eat Local Challenge” day.Β  For lunch on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, [ … ]

Corn Syrup May Get a New Name…Nice Try.

The health effects of corn syrup have been debated, and many Americans now generally believe that corn syrup may not be the best sweetening choice for their health. So what does the Corn Refiners Association do? Well, change the name of course.

Forgiveness for a Better Future?

This thought-provoking essay was posted on December 3, by Christopher Bedford of The Center for Economic Security, to a sustainable food email group. I found it compelling as one of [ … ]