Swiss Army Bans Vegans From National Conscription, Accepts Drug Users

The Swiss Army may have mandatory military service, but if you’re underweight or vegan, don’t expect to receive your marching orders any time soon.

In a recent decision, the Swiss announced that people cannot serve in the military if they eat no animal products or if they are of average height and weigh less than 8st.


On the other hand, users of marijuana and ecstasy, as well as those who drink regularly aren’t being turned away- as long as they can prove they’re not addicted.

β€œHalf the male population will now become vegans,” quipped Politician Josef Lang.

If avoiding conscription weren’t reason enough, going vegan also helps combat global warming, reduces your chance of disease, and saves hundreds of lives every year. Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of protein, but don’t tell the Swiss Army!

Photo Credit: vanz on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

6 thoughts on “Swiss Army Bans Vegans From National Conscription, Accepts Drug Users”

  1. Do you think this is more about their supposed “health” or about the money it would take to change their military’s practices?

    i.e. they don’t want to adjust MRE’s or make special concessions for a group of people?

  2. My immediate thought was “what idiots, they think vegans are unhealthy” until you, Doreen, suggested it was because of the money it would take to change their military practices. I think you are right about the MRE’s etc. Very insightful!

  3. Not doing Swiss military service isn’t always a good idea. If you don’t do it then you have to do a form of community service, or pay a community tax instead. It is also one of the best career networking forums in the country.

  4. @Wendy — Vegan food is not expensive unless you buy the processed freezer-shelf junk from the supermarket. Most vegan meals cost much less than a similar meat-heavy meals. It’s a common myth about veganism that it is an expensive diet — but just stop to think about it… what costs more per ounce, dried beans & rice or chicken breast?

  5. Right on, Alex F! Such a great point. I spend less on groceries now (as a vegan) than I did when I ate meat–even though I buy almost exclusively organic now! I just don’t purchase a lot of pre-made faux meats & cheeses–which are expensive. Grains, fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, etc. are pretty cheap, and they’re much healthier than the pre-made freezer section meals!

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