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The folks at Be Food Smart shared this sweetener flowchart that I thought had some interesting information.

Of course, limiting the amount of sugar you eat is the best way to go, but when you do reach for a sweetener, it’s good to be educated. Here’s a flowchart with some information, and there’s more info below on the different sweeteners in this chart.

How to Choose a Sweetener
[Click to view full-sized. Source: Be Food Smart]

Agave Nectar – derived from the agave plant, this controversial sweetener isn’t always as natural as you’d think.
Corn Syrup – often derived from GM corn, it’s less processed than HFCS but hardly a health food
Equal (aspartame) – calorie free sweetener that’s got possible links to cancer
High Fructose Corn Syrup – highly processed sweetener derived from corn
Honey – natural sweetener produced by bees
Splenda (sucralose) – zero calorie sweetener. “While many studies have been conducted on this sweetener, no large studies have been done on the long-term effects of sucralose. ”
Stevia – a new, low-calorie sweetener derived from the leaf of the stevia plant
Sugar – processed from cane juice or from sugar beets
Sweet’N Low (saccharin) – zero calorie sweetener possibly linked to tumor formation

For more information, check out Be Food Smart.

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