10 Healthier Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

holiday sweets

The holidays are full of sugary temptation. Here are some tips to squelch that sweet tooth and be good to your body!

We have been talking about sugar quite a bit this week! Mary got into U.S. sugar consumption by the numbers (woah!), we talked about one of the problems with artificial sweeteners, and we looked at the possible sugar and cancer connection. That is a lot of gloom and doom about sugar during one of the biggest months for sweet treats!

Of course, we know sugar isn’t good for us. As consumers, do we even need to look to studies to tell us that? Sweeteners like sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, and corn syrup are empty calories, which means too much of the stuff is bad for our waistlines. We know that being overweight is associated with all kinds of health problems, and we know how horrible our bodies feel after we eat too many sugary snacks: headachey, sore, fatigued, nauseated.

During the holidays, though, sweets are kind of par for the course. Christmas cookies! Pumpkin pie! Brownies! You can’t go to a holiday part or even the office break room without encountering mountains of sweet snacks. So, what’s a health-conscious person to do? Click here for our list of healthier ways to squelch those sugar cravings!


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