Sustainable Wine Tweets: 18 Green Wine Geeks To Follow on Twitter

Twitter has a huge green community and a huge wine community. But, luckily, if you’re interested in both, the list gets a bit smaller. This post is a Venn diagram of where these two communities intersect. In this cross-section there are journalists, filmmakers, non-profit organizations, wineries, wine shops, app makers and industry consultants as well as a whole bunch of individual winemakers and bloggers. To put it simply, these are tweeple I follow to keep up on what’s going on in the the sustainable wine space.

I’ve broken the list up into two categories: people and wineries/organizations. The first part of the list is focused on individuals whose tweets are mostly related to green issues like sustainability, conservation, green agriculture and farming practices, and local economies as they relate to the wine industry.

It goes without saying that the list touches on just a small number of essential Twitter users those of us interested into sustainable wine should follow. If you’d like to recommend additional tweeps, please share and add them in the comments below.


1. @alicefeiring is a wine writer (she used to be a wine and travel columnist for Time magazine) and is an outspoken and no-nonsense advocate for natural wine.

2. @AuraSustain Roger Kerrison posts for Aura Sustainability a New Zealand and Australia based consultancy to the food and beverage industry.  Kerrison posts about many food industry topics including sustainable wine.

3. @ConsciousWine Jeffrey Weissler is the brain behind the new website called tagged as ‘a fun & informative place to learn about wine choices vital to both palate & planet’ he links to videos, audios and other good stuff.

4. @DonelanWine Its always fun to read tweets from Tyler Thomas, the hotshot winemaker and susty visionary behind Donelan Wines. Tweets about Syrah and Sonoma. Disclaimer: Donelan is a VineCrowd partner, but Tyler is so awesome it totally doesn’t matter…

5. @GreenWine Guide – The @GreenWine Guide is the brain child of Jerry James Stone (@JerryJamesStone), an environmental and wine blogger for Discovery Channel’s @TreeHugger.  Jerry tweets about organic, biodynamic and sustainable wine and vegetarian food/wine pairings.

6. @jasonchaas Jason Haas is a partner and General Manager at Tablas Creek Vineyard, one of the finest sustainable wineries in the country. from Paso Robles, CA.

7. @le_tastevin Martin Carel is half of Wino Brothers, a filmmaking team currently making a documentary on natural wine in California. Also the author of wine critics website in Quebec.

8. @RandallGrahm – Randall Grahm, who calls himself ‘the Founder, Winemaker, Terroirist/Vinarchist and Prez-for-Life @BonnyDoonVineyd’ is an icon in the industry and author of the excellent blog (and name of his book) Been Doon So Long.

9. & 10. @TheNPAHardy Hardy Wallace is the charming and deeply earnest co-owner of the real-deal Natural Process Alliance (you know, the wine in the reusable Cleen Canteens). His partner, Kevin Kelley tweets under @TheNPA. Both are worth following.

* I want to give a special shout out to @SonomaWilliam who isn’t exactly a green wine geek, but who tweets sometimes for @RhoneRangers (whose member wineries’ are among the greenest) and often points to and reviews laudable susty wineries (like his most recent review of the 2009 Parducci Pinot).


11. @BenzigerWinery is one of the first wineries to talk and walk sustainability. From Glen Ellen, CA, their motto is ‘It’s in our Nature!

11. @BonnyDoonVineyd  It says it all in the tweet…

13. @HessCollection Hess Collection embraces a wide range of sustainable practices and has, among other things, 150 goats that do ground clearing.

14. @NaturaWine A chilean winery producing organic and biodynamic wines.  Check out their cool interactive vineyard.

15. @organicwineex Organic Wine Exchange, an offshoot of @morryswine, a wine store in Long Beach, CA, tweets about organic wine & winemaking.

16. @OWJ The Organic Wine Journal tweets about organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Their site has good articles, reviews and videos.

17. @sipthegoodlife Kris O’Conner, the ED of the non-profit Sustainability in Practice, tweets on their winery certification program and member wineries.

18. @vinOrganica Organic & Biodynamic wine related tips, news stories, and events. Home of vinOrganica California, an app/guide to wine tasting at the state’s greenest wineries.

Jennifer Kaplan is author of Greening Your Small Business, site director of Ecopreneurist and founder of She tweets at @VineCrowd and @Greenhance.

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13 thoughts on “Sustainable Wine Tweets: 18 Green Wine Geeks To Follow on Twitter”

  1. You missed @owinereview – that’s the Twitter address for the Organic Wine Review website that does 2 minute video reviews. They’re great.

  2. Love to be included here too! I am writing several books about organically grown wine and have visited most (not yet ALL :)) of the West Coast wineries that make organically grown wines. I am at @winecountrygeo on twitter and online. Come see! I blog and post about organically grown wines and wineries and other organic wine news…

  3. Good list and thanks for putting this together.

    The natural wine world, in fact the wine world in general is oddly enough without a strong online community. Certainly there are lots of people passionate about a natural approach to wine but few ‘places’ and few blogs where there is a daily conversation about this shared interest.

    This list may help get it started.

    A recent post of mine:

    Natural wines…a perfect storm of social change for the wine world @

    ties the power of the social web to the changes that are being driven in the wine world. May be of interest.

    Thanks….and consider changing your comment system to Disqus as it will connect you to a community of bloggers and commenters.

  4. Thank you for putting this list together.
    I recently discovered Jeff Weissler, The Conscious Wine Guy. He’s very clever and his site is worth a look!

  5. This came at such a perfect time. We have been trying to change our wine program to a more organic and/or sustainable practices and this is going to be immensely helpful for a small property.

  6. FYI – @wblakegray W. Blake Gray doing a great job of tracking #wine #sustainability issues and debate re organic wine vs. organic grapes on Twitter and Gray Report blog – check ’em out. Salud! @SustainableVine

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