Sustainable Wine Review: “Wine From Here” a New Documentary about Natural Wine

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform for creative endeavors. So, when I was helping my friends at Toast Wine Lounge in Oakland, CA run their Kickstarter campaign and we got a contribution from Matthieu Tanguay-Carel who also was running a campaign for “Natural Wine in California,” I had to check it out.

Matthieu and his brother, Martin, are two brothers from Canada who go by the name the wino brothers. They were making a documentary on natural wine in California and explained how they wanted to tour “fringe wineries” in very charming french accents. They had great visuals so that you could really get a sense of how compelling their documentary would be if they could get the funding to make it. They had an awesome video (see above) and this to say:

What is natural wine?

Each natural wine expert will have his own definition of β€œnatural wine”, but most would rally in saying that they are dedicated to put the terroir on a pedestal. Through interviews of natural wine producers in their vineyards and their wineries, our aim is to reveal a budding natural wine movement. Passionate natural wine producers will explain how they differ from other California wine producers, underlying the importance of organic and sustainable farming, the use of native yeasts during fermentation, and the stingy use of sulfur. The key to natural wine is minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process: only that way can the wine be an expression of the terroir where it originated. Each wine should reflect its own environment. Each vintage should have its own unique story.

Natural wine producers, albeit being a minority, are ambitious and committed to make a high quality wine reflecting its respective terroir. We want to support this growing natural wine movement in California by making a feature-length film to explore and understand their craft.

Why you should back us up?

  • To learn about the growing natural wine movement in California
  • To shed some light on the misunderstood concept of natural wine
  • To promote individuality and a sense of place in wine
  • To support sustainable farming practices in California vineyards
  • To help us spread the word about natural wine!

This week, Matthieu and Martin, published the trailer to their film Wine From Here.Β The trailer features some of my favorite susty winemakers including Tony Coturri (Coturri‘s wine was once described for me by a sommelier as “a wine from Mars.”), Jared Brandt (Donkey And Goat), and Kevin Kelley and Hardy Wallace (Natural Process Alliance) and the movie promises to feature several other key players in the natural winemaking world.

This is sure to be a fun film to watch and an important film to support (see above for ‘why you should back us’…).Β  Check it out.

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