Sustainable Wine Review: Donelan Family Wines [Video]

In an industry fraught with economic challenges and half measures, its always fun to come across a wine producer who quietly and steadfastly walks their walk. One of our favorite wineries that we work with at VineCrowd is Donelan Family Wines. Not only is their wine exceptional, Joe Donelan, the owner, and Tyler Thomas, the winemaker, have been great to work with and given us loads of their time. Every conversation with Tyler has been a learning experience and in a good way. As you can tell by the video we shot, we ended up with so much great material it was hard to cut it down to our two/two and half minute clip length. In fact, the video that we have up now is over three minutes… and there’s more.

One of the things Tyler likes to talk about is sustainability. In his mind sustainability equals quality. If your aim is to produce a quality product then you must be practicing sustainable methods. This extends beyond the grape growing practices into all stages of wine production. Below is a clip from a conversation we had in the barrel room at Donelan Family Wines regarding the topic.


-Written by Team VineCrowd

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