Help Promote Eating Local: Open a Sustainable Restaurant

sustainable restaurant

If you’re thinking that now is the time to launch your sustainable, green, eco-friendly restaurant start-up – you’re right.

As Americans become more health conscious and eco-friendly, there’s a much higher demand for sustainable restaurants that source local, sustainable ingredients and make people feel good about their spending and eating habits. Everyone loves bragging about the awesome urban-kitchen-style restaurant they dined at on Friday night. That urban kitchen could be yours!

Check out a few tips on how to take the delicious, sustainable healthy cooking from your home table to the tables of your very own restaurant!

1. Think About Scalability

When choosing the dishes you’d like to take to the menu, consider scalability: how easily you can re-create dishes at an affordable price.

Choose recipes that can be made quickly and for a wider audience without compromising the taste and quality of the dish. Scalability is an important factor for sustainable startups. Dishes that are simple to prepare will use fewer resources, even at a large scale. Focus on scalability in the beginning and you’ll find that everything will be much simpler and much more sustainable on a larger scale. If you can easily transfer dishes from your kitchen table to a restaurant kitchen, you’ll be able to transfer business practices as well.

2. Buy Local

When crafting a menu, consider dishes that use as many local ingredients as possible.

You’re probably already familiar with finding the best locally grown foods your town or state has to offer, so why not put your knowledge to good use? Thinking about local goods from the start will help you craft your menu around these items, ensuring support for your local farmers and producers for the long term!

3. Plan a Seasonal Menu

Keeping in line with local produce, you’ll only be able to buy and cook what Mother Nature allows at any given time during the year in your area, so why not create your menus based on the season? Your clientele will appreciate that your menu reflects what is naturally available locally during that time of the year. The produce will taste fresher, be more natural and cost less than flying in items from around the world.

4. Keep it Healthy And Family Friendly

Many healthy restaurants typically aren’t quite so family friendly, under the assumption that children won’t eat ‘health’ foods. The truth is, eating healthy is delicious when the meals are prepared correctly! Sure, most kids won’t dive into a spinach salad, but there are creative ways to incorporate healthy foods into kid-friendly dishes. Create a menu that embraces healthy eating for all ages, and you’ll teach a new generation about healthy foods and expand your client base at the same time.

5. Get The Right Tools For The Job

What’s a sustainable restaurant without the right supplies?

Finding just the right restaurant supplies for your whole restaurant, from the dining room to the kitchen, can be the cherry on the top of a delicious menu, friendly staff and an eco-friendly focus. Don’t skimp on the quality of your core supplies. Even if sustainable supplies costs more, you’ll be able to reap the benefits much longer.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of starting your own restaurant, do so wisely. It’s a tricky business in an industry that can be hard to conquer. But armed with the right tools and your sustainable-living savvy, your restaurant could be the next talking point of the city!

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  1. I love this post! I’ve been reading your site for awhile and I can’t get enough of Nan’s posts. They’re always so wonderful. The tips you leave in this post for creating a sustainable restaurant are very insightful. It’s easy to over look things like this. I’ve had some close friends attempt to start a restaurant, and it’s a very difficult thing to do. Thanks, as always, to Eat Drink Better for supplying awesome content :) .

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