Sustainable Eats in Breckenridge, CO: Lucha Colorado Cantina

It’s New Years week in a crowded ski town and I’m looking for a place to eat. Β After a a mob scene at a kitchy mexican place and another mob scene at the local brew pub, we remembered a positive Yelp review for Lucha Colorado Cantina. Β And we struck gold.

First off the place is warm and welcoming. No mobs, no ladies with fur coats, no pretense. Β And although there were no tables the fabulous manager, Maggie from Philadelphia, took great care of us at the bar/open kitchen. And the bar was a great place to be. Β We watched in amazement how the capable staff turned out dozens of burritos, platos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos each one more delicious looking than the next. When our shredded Colorado grass-fed brisket nachos and wild caught, sustainable mahi-mahi buritto bowl showed up we couldn’t have been more pleased.

Everything at Lucha is thoughtful. From the multitude of gluten-free options (everything on the menu can be made gluten-free except the flour tortillas) to the fresh, steroid-free, hormone free- Red Bird chicken to homemade salsas to the assertive lack of hydrogenated oils and lard, every aspect of Lucha was a home run. And I would be remiss if I forget to mention the all-natural, all-juice margaritas and the reasonably priced kids menu (burrito, luchita, nachos or quesadilla with a drink for $5.50).

And, to top it all off, Lucha has a take-out policy I have long extolled the virtures of: using sustainable to-go packaging and charging for it:

We use containers made of sugar cane and corn. They are compostable, recyclable, and expensive. Sometimes we charge a few extra dimes for to-go. Sorry.

Siting at the bar we met lifties and tourists and local business people. All coming together to eat healthy, fresh, simple, earth-friendly food. And we couldn’t have asked for more.

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  1. Thanks for posting one for all of us omnivores. In your survey this year nearly 1/3 of readers responding were omnivore. Keep up the good work and remember who your readers are. ( I do eat my one day a week vegetarian.)

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