Sustainable Agriculture: Who grew that chocolate?

Sustainable Agriculture: Chocolate Farmer

Halloween is upon us, and that means lots of chocolate, but who grew the cocoa beans that went into your delicious candy bar?

You know that commercial chocolate is often linked to terrible labor practices, including child slavery, and you know that looking for certifications like Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance can help you buy your chocolate more ethically, but what does that really mean? For the Rainforest Alliance, it means supporting farmers who grow cocoa beans using sustainable agriculture methods and making sure that those workers get paid a fair wage for their efforts.

Adrien Koffi Kouadio is one of those farmers, and in the video below, you can get to know him and his family a little bit better. I think we spend so much time talking about sustainable and ethical foods, yet it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there are actual individuals producing every bite of food that we put into our mouths.

Check out the video below, along with more about Rainforest Alliance chocolate from Derek Markham at our sister site, Ecopreneurist:


Meet the Man Behind Your Rainforest Alliance Certified Chocolate (via Ecopreneurist)

As the choco-centric holiday of Halloween approaches, it’s a great time to remember that there are people behind all of those candies, and if we choose a β€˜fair’ chocolate, we’re supporting better stewardship of forests and waterways, as well…

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