Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties are typically casual events with finger foods, delicious dips, and lots of jumping around and yelling. Here are a few ideas for easy, quick foods that won’t keep you in the kitchen during the game.

Finger Foods

Finger foods can be as simple as cubed cheese or grape tomatoes with a toothpick through them. Lay out some crackers on several smaller plates around the larger platter of cheese, veggies, and maybe some cut fruit.

For a little more substance, add some meatless corn dogs, meatballs, or buffalo wings by Veggie Patch. Those can be purchased and heated up in the oven or on the stovetop with little effort.

Make some OMG Oven-Baked Onion Rings. These have the additional bonus of being vegan and low-fat.

A big bowl of chips is always popular. Plain flavor chips are best and will appeal to the largest number of people. For variety, use different types of chips – potato chips (ridged or not), tortilla chips, and cheese puffs. There are some tasty natural cheese puffs that won’t make your guests, furniture, and dogs glow orange.


Dips are a great party food because they can be made before the party, sometimes a day or two before, so they won’t keep you away from your guests. They’ll also dress up the chips, crackers, and veggies.

How about some Gado-Gado – an Indonesian peanut sauce that goes great with veggies, wraps, or rolls.

For a sweeter taste, try a fig and cream cheese dip or a berry sauce.Β  Both will go well with fruit or breads and crackers.

Beer and Wine

Okay, so beer and wine aren’t foods, except for the college crowd. But they’re almost always at a football-watching party. There are options for guilt-free beer and green wine.

Don’t forget some non-alcoholic beverages for those who might not be drinking or for those who feel they’ve reached their limit. Coconut milk is reputed to prevent hangovers because of its ability to rehydrate quickly, although not drinking too much is the best preventive. Just a pitcher of water cooling in the fridge will be enough for most people.

The Other Stuff

Your guests will need napkins and plates. If you have enough cloth napkins and reusable plates, great! If you opt for paper products, don’t feel badly, just go for one of the many recycled paper products available at most regular grocery stores these days.Β  Also, don’t forget to have cleaning supplies around.Β  When everyone jumps up for a spectacular run or touchdown, it’s almost certain that something will spill.

Most importantly, make sure you, the host, have fun at your Super Bowl party.Β  Don’t kick yourself for not having the “right” foods or the “right” decorations.Β  Super Bowl parties are casual and your friends are coming over to spend time with you.

Image by Sam Ganjavi, used with Creative Commons license.

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  1. On the dishes and napkins front…one can sometimes do worse than hitting the local Goodwill or Salvation Army store and buying a bunch of cups and plates there–there’s often a pretty good and very inexpensive collection, which can either get re-donated after the party or just saved for next time…

    Yumm, I’ve gotta get my crockpot out for chili makin’s…

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