Strawberries (In Season Now)



Strawberries have just come into season here in Poland. The first batch or two we got weren’t great, but they are getting very good again now. (Last year’s may have been the best I’ve ever had.)

I love to eat them plain but there are a few other ways we’ve been eating them as well and thought I’d share them here.

Strawberry Smoothies (Cocktails)

strawberries smoothie

One simple way is blending them up with a banana (frozen or not) and maybe some soymilk as well. That makes a nice little smoothie (or cocktail as they call it here).

You can also leave out the banana if you like, but I need to balance out the tartness of the strawberries a bit in a drink like that.

Strawberries and Rice

As a potential lunch or dinner meal (or breakfast, I guess), another common way to eat them here is sliced or blended (or, I actually prefer leaving them whole) and mixed with rice. Adding yogurt or kefir (of some sort) is also popular.

Personally, this is not my favorite dish but it is interesting and definitely worth a shot. My fianceé loves this dish.

Strawberries in Cereal

Strawberries in cereal

Ok, this is quite simple and if you’ve ever seen a cereal box, you’ve probably already been exposed to this idea, but it might be something you forget about (or an idea you become desensitized to). I never really ate strawberries like this before last year, but now I absolutely love eating strawberries in my cereal.

So, what you do is… ok, yeah, just put some strawberries in your cereal.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

I haven’t tried this one, but just ran across it and oh my, does it sound delicious. Of course, I’ve seen pictures of chocolate covered strawberries before, but never ventured to try them. Maybe soon.

I’m sure you can get complicated with how you do this, but I think I would just dip the strawberries in some chocolate dip.

More Dishes or Ideas for Strawberries?

Have some more ideas or favorite ways to eat strawberries? Share them below!

Image Credits: ~MVI~ (on flickr hiatus) via flickr/CC license; sweetonveg via flickr/CC license; {-Maria-} via flickr/CC license; Joits via flickr/CC license

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