Stinging Nettle Recipes Beyond Soup & Tea

stinging nettles

Most of us probably had similar reactions when we discovered the fact that the stinging nettle plant is not only edible, but even commonly eaten in other parts of the world: “Doesn’t that hurt?” No, apparently: cooking takes the sting out of the nettle, and the plant is commonly used in soup and tea.

Given that cooked stinging nettle is compared to spinach, it makes sense that there’s much more you could do with this wild plant. While I’ve never eaten nettle (that I know of), I’ve become intrigued lately with the notion of foraging… and stinging nettle is readily available almost everywhere in the early Spring. After a little digging, I also discovered this plant is really versatile, and works in recipes from a wide variety of culinary traditions.

Our sister site, sustainablog, shares some tips on how to forage for stinging nettles and 7 Stinging Nettle Recipes Beyond Soup and Tea

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by Pokrajac

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