Spotted: Spiral Garden in Key West, Florida

spiral garden in Key West, Florida

Reader Nina Kauder shares a photo of a lovely spiral food garden in Key West, Florida!

When I shared my herb spiral container garden project earlier this week, Nina commented over on our Facebook page about a similar garden she’d seen at the Key West Community Garden.

It looks like this spiral is much bigger and full of beautiful, leafy greens! I also really like that instead of all bricks, they mixed it up with bricks and stones of all different shapes and colors. The pots in front are nice, too. They sort of break up the tall wall of bricks as the spiral goes up, which I think is lovely!

Nina emailed me this photo and added:

…I am actively looking to “harvest” additional community gardening success stories.

I’ll be starting my first grant writing ever to encourage community gardening across Palm Beach County, FL. Having feedback and some bullets about lessons learned by others would go a long way!

Have you guys seen these spiral planters anywhere else or run across other innovative ways to design a food garden? Tell us all about it in the comments!

If you’d like to share your community gardening stories with us or with Nina, shoot me an email at becky AT importantmedia DOT org. I’d be happy to share your story with our readers and/or put you in touch with Nina.

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