Spotted: Little Locavore Onesie

little locavore onesie

Supporting the handmade community is something that’s really close to my heart. When you buy handmade, you’re not only supporting an artist doing what she loves, but you’re voting for small, independent business rather than giving your money to the big box store. I think that the handmade movement and the local food movement have a lot in common, so I was super excited to find this onesie that’s sort of a crossover between the two.

It’s not too often that I get to talk about buying handmade around here, so when I saw this super adorable onesie from Growing Up Wild, I had to share it with you! Designer Kelly Engel screen printed her original artwork onto this bright blue organic onesie. If your wee one is a little locavore, you can show it off and support a handmade artisan at the same time!

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