Spotted: DIY Cherry Pitter

Who needs a cherry pitter? Check out this simple method for pitting cherries with just a bottle and a chopstick.

DIY Cherry Pitter

If there’s one thing I try to keep out of my kitchen it’s what the folks at Unlutterer call “unitaskers.” A unitasker is anything that’s made to do one single thing, and I highly recommend checking out their hilarious series “Unitasker Wednesday” to see some breathtaking examples of waste.

My hangup about unitaskers is the reason that I don’t own a cherry pitter, and that is also the reason that I don’t do a lot of cooking with cherries. Manually pitting cherries is just way more work than I am up for. I love to cook, but I don’t love a time-consuming, repetitive task like pitting a pound of cherries by hand.

That’s why I was super excited on Tuesday when Food52 shared this awesome, simple tip for pitting cherries without a cherry pitter! All you need are an empty (but clean) beer bottle and a chopstick. To pit the cherry, rest it on the top of the bottle and use the chopstick to gently push the pit out the other side. Easy peasy and so much faster and less messy than doing it manually.

Head on over to Food 52 for the deets and more photos of this method in action!

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