Spent Grain Recipes for you Home Brewers Out There

Spent Grain Recipes for you Home Brewers Out There

Spent Grain Recipes for you Home Brewers Out There

Did you know that the spent grains left after brewing beer are totally edible? It’s true! If you brew your own beer, give those leftover grains a taste. They’re rich, nutty, and – it turns out – pretty nutritious. Spent grains are good sources of protein and fiber, so next time you’re done with a batch of beer, save those spent grains for cooking! We have some resources for spent grain recipes and how to store your grains, if you’re not going to cook with them right away.

Spent Grain Recipes + Tips

If you want to try cooking with spent grains at home, these resources and recipes can help you get you started.

Looking for a solid vegan spent grain bread recipe? Look no further than this Rosemary and Flax Seed Spent Grain Bread from Meet the Shannons! But you can make so much more with spent grains than bread. For folks who would rather branch out, I encourage you to check out The Spent Grain Chef’s recipes. They aren’t all vegan, but a lot of them are easily veganizable with simple substitutions, like margarine instead of butter and maple syrup instead of honey.

If you’re a recipe tinkerer, like I am, you’ll love this guide to cooking with spent grains from Food52. They lay out your options and how those applications will play out in your recipes.

Of course, you may not want to cook immediately with your spent grains, and they won’t keep for long in the fridge. Luckily, Beer Advocate has a detailed description of how to process and store your grains, so you can use them in later baking adventures.

Large-Scale Spent Grain Reuse

Our sister site, Sustainablog, wrote recently about a startup that’s going to begin producing baked goods using spent beer grains on a larger scale. It’s a company called Regrained, and it was started by a couple of home brewers who were tired of brewing-related waste. Regrained is still looking for funding, but things are looking good!

Beer isn’t the only brewing process that yields spent grains, and there are companies looking at ways to reuse that leftover material. In Scotland, for example, distillers are powering thousands of homes with grains left over from making whisky.

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