So Delicious Giveaway: Win over $20 in Tasty Coconut Milk Treats

Cartons of So Delicious Coconut Milk

We’re big fans of So Delicious Dairy Free around here. Coconut milk is a tasty, soy-free alternative to dairy milk, and So Delicious has this coconut milk thing down. Their ice creams and yogurts are among my favorite non-dairy treats, and their coconut milk is healthy and delicious in recipes, coffee, or anything else that calls for dairy milk.

The wonderful folks at So Delicious are generously offering $20 worth of their non-dairy goodness to one lucky Eat Drink Better reader! Here’s the list of prizes:

  • 1 half-gallon So Delicious® Coconut Milk Beverage: $4.49
  • 1 6oz cup So Delicious® Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt: $1.79
  • 1 quart So Delicious® Drinkable Cultured Coconut Milk Probiotic Beverage: $4.49
  • 1 pint So Delicious® Coconut Milk Creamer: $3.99
  • 1 pint So Delicious® Coconut Milk Ice Cream: $5.49

To keep this contest’s carbon footprint as low as we can, the winner will receive gift certificates for these products. If So Delicious isn’t available in your area, the company can ship products to you instead.

Entering the Giveaway

There are a few different ways that you can enter:

  • Comment on this post with ways you’re going nuts for So Delicious Coconut products – photos and video encouraged!
  • Become a So Delicious Facebook fan, and leave a comment on this post letting us know.
  • Tweet about the giveaway and follow @So_Delicious on Twitter and let us know with a comment on this post.
  • Sign up for the Eat Drink Better newsletter through the form in the sidebar, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know here.

You can do one of these things, a few, or all of them! Each one gets your “name in the hat” for an additional entry. Just remember to let us know in the comments, so we can be sure to count all of your entries! We’ll choose a winner on Monday, February 7th.

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107 thoughts on “So Delicious Giveaway: Win over $20 in Tasty Coconut Milk Treats”

  1. There’s only one place to buy the So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt in town, but I go all the way there just to get it! I love how it’s naturally sweet and so smooth. I can’t have dairy (lactose intolerant) and being pregnant I don’t want to load up on the soy products. Both my husband and myself are bonkers for the Coconut Milk Ice Cream too! We can’t wait for both to be available in larger sizes and more flavors!

  2. Wow! Another contest for my favorite So Delicious coconut milk and ice cream?! I follow them on Facebook, and they’re having a contest over there, too. If you post your photo by the end of the day, you can win five free product coupons good for any of their products!

  3. I just had some So Delicious coconut milk with granola during lunch! It is amazing to see how many different treats they can make–and even more amazing considering that when I went vegan 12 years ago, I had a hard time just finding SOY milk.

  4. I liked So Delicious on Facebook!

    So Delicious makes a gluten free cookie dough ice cream, and I’ve always wanted to try it.

  5. When we first became vegan, we got an ice cream attack. So Delicious was our first taste of non-dairy ice cream … we bought a whole box of ice cream sandwiches, sat in the parking lot … and ate them. Well, we couldn’t quite eat them all so we shared with some tourists passing by (who couldn’t quite believe we were offering ice cream). :-) We’ve been loyal fans ever since. Does that qualify as nuts for So Delicious?? lol

  6. I signed up for your newsletter (reducefootprints at gmail dot com), follow you on twitter (@smallftprints) and on facebook (I’m Sml Footprints). Great blog … so glad I found you!

  7. I have oral allergy syndrome and can’t drink anything with soy,so So Delicious’ coconut alternatives are a staple for me! My favorite is the french vanilla creamer.

  8. i love love love the so delicious ice cream! especially the cherry flavor, i think its cherry amaretto?

    i receive the newsletter!

  9. So Delicious is a great line, and has awesome alternatives to soy. I haven’t tried to yogurt or creamer and I’d love the chance. And I saw a comment about ice cream sandwiches… um, yum, can’t wait!

  10. I am a FB fan. I love the products. I use the milk for everything I would use dairy milk for, and the ice cream is my favorite treat even in the winter. The banana split mini sandwiches are one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth!!

  11. My boys are severely allergic to many foods, and So Delicious has been a life saver! I’m able to alter almost any recipe–fettuccine alfredo, caramel candy, creamy mashed potatoes, pancakes, etc.–to make it safe for them while being so yummy you can’t tell the difference!!

  12. I LOVE So Delicious products! I use the unsweetened beverage in my baking and for hot cocoa. My puppy and I both enjoy the kefir. The yoghurt is great for making my favorite Indian dishes. One taste of the ice cream and friends who think non-dairy ice cream would be “nasty” are converts. Mmm, thinking about the green tea ice cream with Namaste chocolate cake for dessert tonight… I’ve signed up for your newsletter and am a So Delicious fan on Facebook.

  13. I’m a fan on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter. I’d go nuts to try all the coconut ice cream flavors…maybe I’d share with my family. :p

  14. So Delicious coconut milk is great for my baby brother who is allergic to everything. I love the aseptic packages so I can stock up during a sale! I love them for giving him a chance to feel “normal” and for making great tasting products like their ice cream and yogurt. NOM!

  15. I have shared this on both Twitter & Facebook, am now following you on Twitter, and follow So Delicious on Twitter & Facebook!


  16. My favorite product is Purely Decadent chocolate ice cream, I am seriously addicted to it.

    I am already a fan of So Delicious on fb! :)

    Now following So Delicious and posting about giveaway!

    Now following EDB!! :D

  17. I love the so Delicious coconut milk in vanilla for morning cereal breakfasts and the original flavor for baking. The yogurts are awesome, especially mango!It is so easy to move away from dairy because of this brand. Moreover, the ice cream is great. I am currently digging my way through the chocolate peanut butter flavor. MMM.

    * I am a fan of them on facebook! I am following you as well!

  18. I’ve recently gone dairy free due to health reason and I can’t wait to try So dElicious Coconut Milk and other products!!

  19. My whole family loves So Delicious coconut milks, frozen desserts, creamer, and yogurts. My gluten-free, vegan son especially loves the coconut milk yogurt because he gets stomachaches from soy yogurt for some reason. Pina Colada yogurt is his favorite and I have to agree! :)

  20. We are big fans of So Delicious. We use coconut milk, yogurt and keifer almost daily. As well as “ice cream” for treats. My allergic boy love it and so do my hubby and I.

  21. My 2 year old soy and dairy allergic son LOVES so delicious, especially being able to have yogurt and Ice cream just like his big sister!

  22. So Delicious SnowCream!!

    OK so during the Atlanta SnowStorm of 2011, I had some time on my hands, as did just about everyone else in the city. I could have been out working in my studio (which I did for a while) or playing in the snow (which I did a lot!). Remembering the snowcream of my youth, I decided to do some experimenting.

    Here’s one of my concoctions:

    SnowCream made with coconut milk*, madagascar vanilla, and cane sugar…delicioso!
    *So Delicious Unsweetened

    If you use my recipe, give me some love! um, I hope those black specks were vanilla beans…


  23. I love So Delicious! My favorite thing to make with it is a cream sauce for pasta–So Delicious, nutritional yeast, garlic and spices until it thickens into a smooth sauce!!

  24. Im so glad im snowed in with my favorite So Delicious products! Check out my blog I made an awesome creamy vegan tomato soup with it! I cant get enough!

  25. Following on twitter, tweeted, liked on Facebook :D

    Why I love your products? ICE CREAM (really need we ever say more lol)
    So lovely to find a good tasting ice cream that doesn’t make me ill, fits within my lifestyle (i’m a pescitarian but do not eat dairy products or soy) & tastes just as good if not better than cows milk ice cream. Seriously most ‘alternatives’ don’t taste right, ya’ll hit the nail on the head. I honestly have not tried the other products yet but i do plan to in the future.

  26. Just discovered So Delicious coconut milk and I’m in LOVE! I’m going to try using it for homemade yogurt. I became a So Delicious facebook fan today!

  27. I love, love, love So Delicious Coconut Milk. I, along with my 3-year old, are casein intolerant, and their milk, yogurt, and ice cream are the best we’ve tried. I live for their milk!

  28. Fe Marie Evangelista

    So Delicious Coconut ilk is the only milk my family drinks due to allergies. I an a So Delicious fan on FB.
    I also just started following Eat. Drink…Better on Facebook.

  29. We love So Delicious. My son has dairy allergies so we use it A LOT. When I make him banana muffins and lot of other treats I use the Coconut milk. He loves to tank a sippy cup full down at each meal! And I personally love your coconut milk yogurt and Ice Cream. It is out of this world good. Your products help solve a lot of issues with recipes when I am cooking for my son and we absolutely love them. I wish out stores sold more variety. I would love to have these coupons to stock up on my sons favorites!! Thank you so much for an awesome line of yummy products.

  30. Love the coconut milk and ice cream! Wish my local grocery store would carry more So Delicious products. I am a fan of So Delicious on Facebook. I am now following Eat Drink Better on Facebook.

  31. Tweeted via acct suurishoujo, liked on Facebook, and signed up for the newsletter. :)

    Also, freaking looooove So Delicious products. Especially the ice cream. Oh my. <3 I could bathe in that stuff.

  32. Reposted regarding So Delicious giveaway – I am, and have been, both FB & Twitter follower. Love it! With dairy allergy & lactose intolerance, Turtle Mountain made me feel normal again. When one is panicking out over not being able to eat anything, that is more comforting than you know. NEVER maltodextrin PLZ!

  33. I love all things coconut, especially since I became unable to tolerate dairy following surgery. One of my favorite ways to eat coconut milk is with oats in the morning, but I also love smoothies, and incorporating coconut milk into curries. Thank you for this giveaway!

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