Snow Days are Hungry Days for Many Students

Snow Days Mean Hungry Kids

Snow days are fun, aren’t they? You get to play in the powdery white with your kids before heading back in for soup and maybe even some hot cocoa for a snow day treat. For students who rely on the school lunch program, though, snow days mean going hungry.

Are the schools near you closed for snow today? Here in Atlanta and nearby Decatur all of the schools are closed due to snowy and icy conditions. I was a little bummed that my son would miss out on fun social time at his daycare today, but this NPR story on the more severe impacts of snow days sure put that into perspective.

At one Iowa school where the majority of students rely on school lunch and breakfast programs, some students showed up despite the winter weather in hopes that the school would still be serving breakfast. Faculty gave the kids what food they had stashed in their desks, but those desk snacks are hardly the same as a breakfast and lunch.

Nancy Roman from the Washington DC Capital Area Food Bank said:

“The sad reality is that some kids don’t have access to food if their nutritious meals come from school and they are unable to go to school.”

It really is sad. Even sadder? Snow days aren’t the only days that our nation’s kids are going hungry, and deeper cuts to the school lunch program and to SNAP just mean that even more kids are going to bed hungry every night.

Image Credit: School Buses photo via Shutterstock

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