Share Your Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

Oatmeal Breakfast

Over on the Facebook page, there was a good discussion about folks’ favorite easy, healthy breakfasts.

You guys had such great ideas over there, I thought we could continue the discussion right here! What are some simple, healthy breakfast ideas that you’ve cooked up? Here are some suggestions from our Facebook page to get you started:

  • Rock N. Roll: Just had granola with yogurt, a drizzle of honey, flax seeds and a dash of flax seed oil, topped with banana and kiwi. YUM!
  • Amber Simms Ezekiel: sesame toast with “butter”, nooch, and pepper… Optimum Slim cereal with dried cranberries and coconut milk.
  • Stacey-Lee Coffin: avocado, tomato and LOADS of cracked pepper on grain toast.. OM NOM NOM NOM!!!
  • Daniel Squire: I put steel cut oatmeal in crock pot the night before. It is hot and ready the next morning.

And here are a few healthy breakfast ideas that we’ve talked about here on the site:

Let’s keep the discussion going! Feel free to share your healthy breakfast ideas in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Share Your Healthy Breakfast Ideas!”

  1. I love to make brown rice a giant pot at a time, and then I mix it with various stuff for breakfast…a little milk, honey, and cinnamon, for example, heated up in the microwave, is delicious.

    The “grownup grilled cheese sandwich” is another of my standbys…good wheat bread, good cheese, some tomato slices and a little pesto…hard to beat.

    I seldom actually feel like eating early in the morning, so finding yummy breakfast foods that actually make me WANT to eat has been a project of mine for some time…

  2. I’ve been loving oatmeal this winter. Old fashioned oats + a half teaspoon of vanilla + a dash of cinnamon + a spoonful of shredded coconut + a spoonful of almond or sunflower seed butter + a sliced banana or apple. It keeps me feeling energized through my long morning workout!

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