Sharing the Beauty and Love of Spring with Flower Cakes for Mother’s Day

For Easter I made these delicate flower cakes from edible violas and pansies, and with Mother’s Day here, we’re at it again!

I used a simple organic cake mix and tried organic applesauce instead of oil and the results were delightful and fluffy. On other occasions I’ve used Ghee in the mix for a richer texture and taste. The frosting is organic powdered sugar with a dash of water for the right texture. The flowers easily stick to the icing once spread.

These scrumptious edible flowers are easy to find, grow yourself, and share. I prefer violas and pansies because of the rainbow of colorful blooms they provide.

Sunset Farms in San Diego sells a great variety of edible flowers and shares some great recipes on their site.

If you don’t order from a flower farm, I’ve found that soaking and thoroughly washing fresh garden flowers is the most important part of the recipe, if you do make this one from scratch.

Perhaps lemon poppy cake or an easy organic toast with spring nasturtiums would work? Make the Moms in your life a little creative feast for the eyes if you have time tomorrow. Breakfast in bed never looked so lovely!

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