Seeds of Change Sowing Millions Project: Free Seeds for You!

Seeds of Change is starting off their Sowing Millions Project by giving away 100 million seeds. The seeds are available to organizations and individuals.

The Sowing Millions Project is based on the philosophy that fresh food brings people together and bonds communities. To back up their philosophy, Seeds of Change is giving away 100 million seeds. For every order of seeds, they’re giving an equal amount to the American Horticultural Society.

To get free seeds for your organization or for your own garden, go to their Sowing Millions Project web site, click on “Let’s Get Started”, and fill out the form.

Individuals get 25 free packets of Seeds of Change organic seeds.Β  A shipping and handling fee of $4.99 will be charged, so you’ll need your credit card.

Organizations get 100 free packets of Seeds of Change organic seeds.Β  The shipping and handling fee is $14.99.

Expect your free seeds in two to six weeks.

Update 3/31/2011:Β  They’ve given away their 100 million seed packets.Β  Hope everyone got your orders in.Β  Whether you got your seeds from the Seeds of Change Sowing Millions Project or from somewhere else, come back and share how you’re growing your garden in our Grow Your Own Food Challenge.

Image by woodleywonderworks, used with Creative Commons license.

  1. Michelle Leigh

    Thanks for sharing that! I wanted to get my mom’s garden started again this year, and this will definitely help. And if I have any extras, I can participate in our local seed exchange again this year! yay!

  2. Boogey

    They promptly charged me two months ago, but never sent the seeds :) The customer service does not respond to my emails. Not free and no seeds, sounds more like a scam to me!

    1. Heather Carr


      I just got mine last Thursday. They originally said two to six weeks, but it looks like they’re moving slower than expected. The seeds might still be coming.

  3. dana

    I also ordered these seeds and they charged me but never sent me any. It has been a good two months since I ordered the seeds. I’m hoping to get them by next spring :)

  4. Paige

    I too ordered the seeds, got charged the $4.99 twice and never received any seeds. I sent 3 emails regarding the situation and never heard back from customer service. I called customer service, they took my information and said they would pass it on to corporate headquarters and that someone would be in touch with me, so we shall see what happens. I was told by the representative that there has been a lot of issues like this so you all who havent received any seeds might want to call. I’ll keep ya posted :)

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