Food Fact: Seattle’s Urban Fruit Forest

food factSeattle is planning a public park that will double as an urban fruit forest. Anyone who wants will be able to pick fresh fruit from the trees there.

According to Michael Ricciardi at Ecolocalizer:

The proposed forest will be planted with hundreds of varieties of edible plants, herbs, berry bushes (such as honeyberries, mulberries and lingonberries) and fruit trees, including apple, persimmon, pear, plum and perhaps a few โ€˜exoticsโ€™ such as pineapple, yuzu citus and guava. And all of it will be available free for the plucking to anyone who happens to walk through the soon-to-be-planted public forest in Seattleโ€™s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Seattle’s not the only place with public fruit! Is there public fruit in your area? We’d love to hear about it!

Source: Ecolocalizer

More on urban fruit foraging at Eat Drink Better:

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