Seasonal Blogroll: Ramp Recipes

ramps.jpgAn early spring produce cult-fave with the foodies, ramps have been popping up all over the food blogosphere. The wild leek, a member of the allium family, tastes like a cross between garlic and onion and is snatched up at farmers markets by cooks craving fresh veggies after a long winter.

I combed food blogs for the best ramp recipes so you didn’t have to. Check them out after the jump…

Serious Eats went ramp wild, with a pickled ramp recipe, a ramp compound butter, and ramps with linguine.

Our Kitchen Sink has a yummy ramp white pizza recipe.

Food In Mouth makes a ramp risotto.

The Green Fork‘s got tons of information on ramps, plus a ramp and potato gratin.

Food Junta whips up spaghetti with ramps, as does Tigers & Strawberries.

No Recipes freehands bacon, ramps and nuts.

Anyone here utilized ramps yet? What’s your favorite preparation?

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4 thoughts on “Seasonal Blogroll: Ramp Recipes”

  1. I just discovered ramps today at the local market at lunch time and I’ve been concocting recipes in my head since… too bad I’m at work!
    I think for dinner 1- I will make a ramp pesto with the leaves, 2 – cook some pasta, 3 – saute fresh local fiddleheads and a few ramp bulbs with shrimp in a mixture of olive oil and chili oil, 4- toss it all together. Maybe add a touch of cream to it all…

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Food Junta has moved to a new hosted domain at If you could update the above links, weโ€™d appreciate it.

    Kevin from Food Junta

  3. Here is my fav. ramp dish I mixed up.

    Teresa’s Good morning Ramps

    5- potatoes
    1/2lb.packet of freash ground pork sausage of your choice.
    5-8 Whole Ramps
    5- pieces of bacon cut up in small pieces.
    1- tbls. Butter

    Rinse potatoes real well with skin on place in Microwave for 15 min. Set aside to cool.
    In Lg. skillet fry your ground sausage and bacon up, once browned drain extra grease off, put in butter by this time potatoes are cool to handle, dice up with skin on into pieces and put in with meat mixture, start frying,cut up all of the ramps including tops into mixture fry till potatoes are tender. (I like my potatoes to be brown a little)
    For a little something extra you want to scramble a few eggs and put on top of each plate, with a slice of toast on the side. Very yummy

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