School Nutrition: Less Salt in Schwan’s Pizza

School NutritionCheese PizzaSchool nutrition is a hot topic these days. With the Child Nutrition Bill making its way through Congress, food companies are apparently feeling some pressure to improve their offerings.Β  As the largest supplier of pizza in the National School Lunch Program, Schwan’s is in a good position to get kids healthier foods.

To that end, Schwan’s is lowering the amount of salt in the pizzas it supplies to schools by 15-25%. The company says the lower-sodium pizzas will be available by this fall.

They’re not the only company slashing salt content. Earlier this year, Heinz announced they would cut salt in their ketchup by 15%. Since french fries and tater tots are such common school foods (let’s hope we can change that soon), reducing the amount of salt in ketchup will benefit the kids quite a bit, too.

I’m always glad when companies improve the nutritional content of their processed foods. It’s even better when it benefits schoolkids, too.

Photo by The Pizza Review, courtesy of a Creative Commons license.

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