Samovar Tea Lounge Releases Compostable Packaging

In the wake of Frito-Lay’s decision to ditch the first-ever compostable chip bag comes good news from Samovar Tea Lounge. Samovar, an artisanal tea shop based in San Francisco, is officially the first tea company to introduce a compostable container for their full line of teas.

You may remember Samovar from our recent tea giveaway. The company has played a leading role in the American artisanal tea movement.

According to the press release,

The goal of shipping and storing premium tea is to reduce its exposure to the elements of air, light and moisture. Current packaging solutions do this well, but typically at a high cost to the environment i.e. the production/permanence of metal containers. Samovar’s tea box goes back to the earth and decomposes just like its teas.

Samovar’s decision to redesign their packaging gives hope that consumers can mobilize to encourage companies to adopt innovative, eco-friendly packaging.

You can purchase Samovar tea in its new, biodegradable packaging from the company’s three Bay Area retail locations and its online store.

Image courtesy of Samovar Tea Lounge.

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