RFIDed Food

What if you could track food that you ate without having to log calories…or even think about it?

This may be possible given a new design of an edible RFID chip.

RFID chips are hot stuff right now.  You are probably most familiar with them in little key fobs that give you access to your gym or your shared car. They are also used for tracking things like inventory…and possibly food you eat now.

A student at the Royal College of Art in London, uses the chip as part of a system called NutriSmart. The RFID chip would automatically send the information to a mobile phone or laptop over a wireless connection.

It could presumably be used for people who have allergies (to alert them if they have eaten any danger foods) or just for counting calories.

The idea isn’t commercialized yet, it’s still just a concept. Obvious health concerns are constantly ingesting electronics, and there also privacy issues with your stomach possibly broadcasting the food you just ate.

Source: Gizmodo

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Christian Haugen

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