Review: Verbena Rose Kombucha by Búcha

bucha kombucha - verbena rose

I love me a good bottle of kombucha, so when I spotted this verbena rose kombucha from Búcha in the drinks aisle, I snagged one to try!

If you’re not familiar with kombucha, here’s a super quick primer. It’s basically a fermented drink, but it doesn’t have the alcohol content of beer or wine. You’d have to really work hard to drink enough kombucha to get a buzz, and I’m guessing all of that carbonation would give you a belly ache before you felt anything. The fermentation process for making kombucha means it’s full of healthy bacteria, just like yogurt.

You can make kombucha at home, or you can seek it out at health food stores. Even regular grocery stores sometimes carry it. I’d never seen the brand Búcha before, but they have some intriguing flavors, like the verbena rose (pictured above) and blood orange. YUM!

The Review

Plain ol’ kombucha has sort of a vinegary aftertaste that some folks might find unappetizing, and if that’s what’s turned you off of kombucha in the past, I definitely recommend giving this brand a try. It’s a little bit sweeter than I expected, and there was barely any sharpness to it at all. It’s a great beginners kombucha!

I didn’t really taste any of the rose or verbena over the sweetness. Those are both pretty delicate flavors, so they’re easily overpowered. The blood orange and some of their other flavors might be a little bit more pronounced, and I’m definitely going to pick up some other varieties and try them out.

Despite tasting sweet, this drink is calorically comparable to most of the kombucha I’ve tried. An 8 ounce serving has 47 calories, which means there are two servings in a bottle. I have never been able to drink just half of a bottle of kombucha, but at 94 calories total, I’m not super worried about it. I’m not generally a calorie counter, but I do try to keep my liquid calories – especially from sugar – in check.

Do you have a favorite brand of kombucha or favorite recipe for home-brewed? Let’s talk fermented goodness in the comments!

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