Review: Vegan Ravioli from Tofutti

vegan ravioli

Ravioli is total comfort food for me, so when the folks at Tofutti offered to send me some of their new vegan ravioli to try, I said heck yes!

My vegan ravioli arrived yesterday, which was perfect because I was exhausted yesterday and needed a quick supper. I will tell you guys right up front: this is not health food. They use white pasta, and the vegan cheese filling is definitely processed. I know that some of you guys avoid all processed food at all costs, so I want to be up front about that part. This is the kind of food I’d consider a treat for a busy evening or to satisfy a craving.

The Preparation

The pasta comes frozen, and it’s super easy to cook up. You just boil your water, dump in the pasta, give it a stir, and then cook it for 6-8 minutes after the ravioli floats up to the top of the pan. Mine turned out just right on the first try, and honestly I wasn’t even really paying attention.

We don’t eat a lot of tomato sauce in my house, because it upsets my husband’s stomach, so instead I served this topped with broccoli and mushrooms that I sauteed in olive oil with garlic and herbes de Provence, one of my go-to ways to cook up broccoli when I’m too tired to get creative. You can use whatever sauce you like with your ravioli, but I’d definitely do something in the sauce department.

The Taste

Dave and I were not super crazy about the taste of this product, unfortunately. He is not a fake cheese lover in general, so I expected that I’d like these more than he did, which I think I still did.

The texture was spot on. Tofutti stuffs these with their vegan ricotta, and the mouth feel was just like frozen cheese ravioli I remember eating before I went vegan. The pasta had a nice texture, too, but there was a distinct aftertaste that I was not mad about. I’m a faux cheese fan from way back, and this cheese just didn’t do it for me. When I heated up the leftovers for lunch, I added a splash of vinegar to my plate, and that helped mask whatever that aftertaste was, and the acidity of a tomato sauce might have the same effect.

The Tofutti people sent me three bags to try out, and I don’t think I’ll have trouble making my way through them all. As quickie weeknight meals go, it was fine, but I don’t think Dave’s going to want to eat these again, so I’ll be on my own with the rest of the ravioli.

Have any of you guys tried this product? Am I being super picky? I’d love to hear how you prepared it and how you liked it in the comments!

Image Credit: photo by Becky Striepe

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