Review: Tom’s of Maine’s New Wicked Fresh!™ Toothpaste and Mouthwash

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

While we normally write about food and drinks here on EatDrinkBetter, I think what we put in our mouths to clean our teeth and mouths afterwards is also worthy of a little discussion. I’m a big fan of Tom’s of Maine, a super green and socially responsible oral and personal care company, and the last time I was in the states (I live in Poland now) I loaded up on some Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. Serendipitously, I was also recently given the chance to sample and review Tom’s of Maine’s new Wicked Fresh!™ toothpaste and mouthwash. Here’s what I thought:

The toothpaste has a cool, crisp, minty taste, one of my favorite flavors. It opens up the energy of the morning with the heightening of wakefulness from the fresh peppermint. And it really seems natural, like Tom’s other products, giving me the feeling that my teeth were cleaned but not with a mixture of harmful chemicals. 

The mouthwash is quite similar with a fresh, natural taste that leaves your mouth feeling clean but not toxic.

I would recommend giving both of these a shot if you are on the lookout for natural, minty toothpaste or mouthwash.

Before going to the store (or clicking to another page), though, check out this great opportunity from Tom’s:

Tom’s is hosting a contest to give away some Wicked Fresh!™ prizes, including $500, $100, or $50 gift cards to Target. You can visit the That’s Wicked Fresh contest page to learn 
click here
more or, very simply, you can enter to win $100 or $50 gift cards by 1) leaving a comment below telling us about your most memorable Wicked Fresh!™ moment, 2) following @TomsofMaine on Twitter, or 3) “Liking” the company on Facebook.

I just shared this Wicked Fresh!™ moment on Twitter via the contest page (link above): “Seeing my older sister get married in Tacoma, WA this summer was one of the most  moments of my life 

Join in the contest and hope you have plenty of Wicked Fresh moments this Winter and in 2011.



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13 thoughts on “Review: Tom’s of Maine’s New Wicked Fresh!™ Toothpaste and Mouthwash”

  1. I hope I get to try this out some time. I love Tom’s of Maine’s toothpastes!
    I was surprised to read that you live in Poland now – my family is Polish! (I happen to be living in Switzerland now, though). Small world!

    1. haha, cool :D

      some UK sites sell Tom’s online, but not sure if they have this product yet. i’m sure it will eventually make it to Switzerland if you have Tom’s there :D

      let me know if you want the links to the UK sites

      1. I’ve not seen any Tom’s of Maine toothpaste here, unfortunately. I wouldn’t mind the links, though – maybe I could have some of my UK friends/family get some for me. :)

  2. Interesting post, enjoy reading it.
    I’m a big foodie, not sure If I’m a big toothpaste gal but having said that I won’t mind trying the toothpaste.
    Would it be possible to put in an order the next time you visit America??


  3. My biggest wicked fresh moment is still to come, I think :)
    But the first part of it, finding out about Sade’s tour in Europe and getting tickets, is pretty wicked fresh! :)

    btw, I love Tom’s toothpaste – although, haven’t got the chance to try the new wicked fresh one

  4. Is it true that Tom’s of Maine has been bought out by Crest or Colgate? I see Tom’s products at my Target here in California all the time and you can’t NOT find one variety that does not have floride in it. I guess corporate America can not risk the sheeple not having their daily doses of dumbing down via the mucosal absorbtion of floride in toothpast. Someone might have an original awakened thought for God’s sake. Very dangerous indeed!!!

    1. Haha :D .. & yeah, i just heard that it was bought out.

      We were in the States in the summer and got some flouride-free Tom’s toothpaste at Whole Foods. maybe they carry diff options.

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