Red Wine’s Heart Healthy Chemical Unlocked

We have talked about the wonders of red wine before and researchers have know for a long while that much of red wine’s restorative properties come from the resveratrol it contains. Grapes (like many plants) make lots of chemicals, called polyphenols, from resveratrol to protect themselves against invaders, particularly fungi. And, it is those polyphenols that, among other things, enhance brain functions, make your bones stronger, is good for your diabeteskeep you young, prevent cancer and protect the heart and brain.

So it was newsworthy last week when Nature Magazine published a paper by Scott Snyder at Columbia University in New York showing how his team had found a way to synthesize “the resveratrol family via a three-stage design.’ Previously, it had been challenging to isolate the oligomers of resveratrol in sufficient quantities from natural sources. But, Snyder and team have succeeded in making dozens of natural polyphenols, including vaticanol C, which is known to kill cancer cells.  The research is truly landmark in that this discovery  ‘provides materials and tools with which to unlock the full biochemical potential of this family of natural products.’  Whatever the conclusion, its not going to stop me from drinking my healthful glass of red wine every night.  You just will eventually be able to choose your delivery system.

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  1. Red wine is one of the best things in life. It tastes great, it has health benefits, it isn’t that expensive. I make my own (25 gallons/year) but I also buy a great deal more. Drink up!

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