Is Red Wine a Substitute for Exercise?

If exercise isn’t your thing, maybe red wine should be (well, not quite…).

A new study suggests that the resveratrol in red wine may help prevent the negative effects that lack of exercise has.

The experiment simulated weightlessness in rats similar to conditions during spaceflight. The effects of spaceflight and a sedentary lifestyle are quite similar. Because in either situation, the body is missing out on weight-bearing exercise, loss of bone density or muscle mass may result as well as insulin resistance. In the experiment, the group receiving resveratrol did not develop these ill effects, unlike those who did not receive any resveratrol.

No one is suggesting that red wine or resveratrol supplements are a substitute for exercise if you are capable of exercising, but for those who cannot exercise due to injury, disability, long-hour desk job or astronaut-status, resveratrol may help slow the deterioration associated with lack of exercise.

Source: Science Daily

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons byΒ jessicamelling

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