Recycling Grub: Best Leftover Recipes

4. Breakfast Pie

I’m always baffled as to why we serve pies after dinner to people who are so stuffed they β€œonly want a sliver.” That’s why I take my pie when I am at my hungriest: Breakfast. If it’s perfectly acceptable to have coffee cake, donuts, or strudel for breakfast, why can’t I enjoy a nice big slice of blueberry pie? At least it has fruit.

5. Sauces, Stews, Chili and Brisket

β€œStews like beef stew and coq au vin work really well as leftovers because the flavors set in. Also, most tomato-based dishes, like pasta sauces, are generally better,” says food writer Lauren Shockey.

β€œChili is better the next day,” Newberry says, β€œespecially if you make it the night before a camping trip and have it outside. I think all matter of stews taste better the next day, and better still on day three.”

I like to make brisket a day ahead. When cooked, brisket is so tender that it’s best to chill before slicing. When you reheat the sliced meat, it has bathed in the sauce, maximizing flavor. And let’s not forget the Leftover Brisket Sandwich on day three.

6. Rice

Though Americans tend to throw out leftover rice, our global friends know better. After all, what’s fried rice but stir-fried leftover white rice with sliced scallions, pork and shrimp, peas, soy sauce, and sesame oil? Better than the first time, for sure.

Italians make rice balls by shaping leftover risotto into little golf balls, stuffing it with a piece of cheese, covering it with breadcrumbs and deep frying it until the outside is crisp and the inside is gooey.

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