Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge Deadline Coming Up

The deadline to submit recipes to the Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge is coming up on Dec 30.

Anyone who might have wanted to compete in the Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge will need to submit their entries soon.

Since one of the requirements in the official rules is that at least thirty students enrolled in the school must participate in a taste test of the recipes, I think it’s unlikely that anyone will be putting together a team at this point. But if you can, the prizes are certainly worth it, ranging from $3000 for the grand prize to $1000 for the second place winners in each of three recipe categories.

If you’ve done everything for the challenge, but haven’t gotten around to writing it up, or if you’ve written it up, but haven’t submitted your entry, time is growing short.

Entries must be submitted online by 5 p.m. EST on Dec 30. Judging begins on Jan 1 and the top thirty recipes will be posted on the site soon after that.

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