Really Don’t Understand Lab Grown Meat


We’ve discussed lab meat here before. It is weird, creepy, and probably unnecessary for most situations.

What is the point? Why do we need to have lab meat?

Some argue that it is more environmentally friendly source of protein than real meat, but so are vegetarian sources.

One thing is for sure…it certainly is not more cost effective. Because of the academic talent that goes into making lab-grown meat, the first labburger is expected to cost about ยฃ220,000 ($345,000)! For one burger!

I wish this type of money would be put into education and research for vegetarian alternatives to meat products to combat health and environmental problems. *sigh*

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2 thoughts on “Really Don’t Understand Lab Grown Meat”

  1. I have developed a case of mixed emotions, regarding this issue. Would *I* eat it? Nope!!! (see cross-reference ‘gross/ creepy’)… But: for the millions of people in industrialized countries who are never going to consider going veg, is lab meat MORE gross/ creepy than the factory farmed poop-laden antibiotic-riddled ammonia-soaked cruelty-suffused shit that they’re eating 3-to-5-times-a-day NOW?!… I don’t think so (indeed, that level of grossness may be downright impossible to supersede)!

    So, yes: veg options rock, and are totally (imo) the way to go!! do it! it’s awesome, and tasty, and fun, and I bet you’ll like it!!

    HOWEVER… humans are freakin’ diverse, and not everyone is gonna do that! So, maybe for those with no veg tendencies past, present, or future, lab vs industrially farmed meat would at least be (if not initially, then eventually) a less polluting/ less cruel/ less worker abusing/ less contaminated way to go. ‘Let not the perfect preclude the good,’ as they say…

    What we’re doing now is clearly not working; so I’m open to almost *any* option that reduces the current levels of badness in the (food) world– even the ones that to me seem gross and creepy. When it comes to factory-farmed-animal-junk alternatives, the bar is just set so low: almost anything is preferable! I’m at least open to seeing where the idea goes… it can’t be worse than what most people in the US are eating now!

    More options are better, I think, for maximum progress. :-)

  2. The first computer cost nearly $6 million. The first plane could barely stay in the air. There’s a big difference between proof of concept and final product. It wouldn’t be grown in a lab either. Probably more like a factory. Livestock takes a big toll on the environment, and requires huge tracts of land, among other problems. No doubt it will take decades to perfect, but once they do, I’ll take this over that any day of the week. Its a lot less creepy, IMO, than eating something that actually used to be a complete living breathing animal that was subsequently executed, skinned, and chopped up. I guess I do see how people can find this to be a bit creepy, our society seems to be aghast at a lot of the meetings of technology and biology, and something just seems wrong about a big wall of growing flesh, right? But I don’t see this as fundamentally any different from the goo you’d grow in a petri dish for a high school science class. In the end it is just cultured cells. No biggie.

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