Real Food Inspiration: “You Will Be The Makers Of Your Own Future”

Carlo Petrini from Slow Food

If you’re into growing, cooking, and eating, you probably know about the Slow Food movement. But you may not be familiar with its founder, Carlo Petrini, and his brilliant writing. I’m reading his book, Terra Madre. Simply put, Signor Petrini inspires me. I thought a few of his quotes might do the same for you.

He recognizes that growing food is about more than just growing food.

“Agriculture isn’t just another sector of industry like iron and steel, say, but something much more complex than that. In reality, it is the fruit of a holistic vision that takes in ‘sacredness’ of food, respect for the environment, sociality, conviviality, and culture.”

He understands the connections between food, people, and the earth.

“In the near future, politics and economics will grow aware of the vital relationship between food, agriculture, climate change, and health care, of the landscape and of the beauty of ecosystems  all interconnected problems.”

He believes we are empowered; we have a choice.

“Consumers will help us in our task. Many are worried about the consumption crisis, but I believe that consumers are simply getting ready to make important choices. They will start looking for local, healthy, fresh, seasonal food; it will be a virtuous, large-scale process.”

He has hope for the future. Do you?

“My final words go to the young people among us. You are the future of the earth. Save the memory of farmers, save the memory of your elders. There can be no future without memory. Make your memory of the elders and farmers of your villages a cornerstone of the new frontier; allow the traditional wisdom of your elders to converse with modern science, and you will be the makers of your own future.”

– Quotes from Carlo Petrini’s speech at the “Terra Madre World Meeting of Food Communities” event in October, 2008.

Image Credit: Festival della Scienzia via flickr/CC license

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