Reader Tips on Reducing Food Waste

Reducing food waste

I’ve had food waste on the brain these days! It seems that I keep stumbling upon interesting facts and information about the food that we waste. Since it seems to be a hot topic, I decided to ask our community on Facebook about how they reduce food waste at home. There were some great ideas, so I thought I’d share them here with you! Got your own tips for reducing food waste? Share them in the comments!

Crystal had several great tips:

Meal planning, buying common items in a larger size (quart of yogurt versus single servings, etc), composting. It continues to frustrate me to know I pay the same for trash service as all my neighbors when most of them have their 96 gallon roll off bin full or literally overflowing, and I have usually one or two 13 gallon trash bags not even filled to capacity sitting in the bottom of my bin. SO MUCH WASTE and most people around here can’t even be bothered to recycle.

I completely share that frustration, Crystal! Reader Roberta also had some great ideas on reducing waste:

I do like the Europeans do and market every couple of days to only pick up what I need which is mainly produce. Anything from that which is non-edible that I end up with goes into my compost pile (which eventually will allow me to grow my own produce). I recycle plastics, paper, aluminum and glass, ac/heating is on a programable thermostat and electric items in the house are NOT on power strips or timers so when they are ‘off’ they really are off so there really IS no waste in my home.

Other Tips on Reducing Food Waste from our Readers:

  • “We package it up and give it to homeless individuals.” – Beth
  • “I get very creative with my leftovers. Quesadillas are a great way to use lots of odds and ends. Beans, zucchini, cheese, tomato, onions, broccoli… Add a little pizza sauce on the side and it’s soooo good. I also make sure to eat leftovers for lunch instead of making something new.” – Angela
  • “Compost. Reduce what I’m buying.” – Deb
  • “Food never wastes around here. If we don’t eat it the dogs, cats or poultry do. :)” – Cathy
  • “Take inventory before going shopping!” – Nushin

…and this was my very favorite tip for reducing food waste….

“I eat it.” – Brie

So, spill it, you guys! What do you do to reduce food and food-related waste at home? Let’s keep the ideas coming in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Little Love Monster

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