Reader Question: What’s Up with White Whole Wheat?

A reader wrote in with a great question:

My friend Dave has run across this “white whole wheat flour”.
According to Dave, and according to them, you can use it wherever you
would otherwise use white flour.

So if white whole wheat flour is indistinguishable from white flour in
preparation and consumption, how can it be any different for you
nutritionally than white flour? What is up with that?

So what is up with white whole wheat? It sounds like an oxymoron!

White whole wheat flour actually is a whole grain. The difference between white whole wheat and regular whole wheat is the type of wheat they use to make the flour. Traditionally, folks use red wheat, but white whole wheat is made from a different variety called “white wheat.”

It’s got similar amounts of fiber and nutrients to regular whole wheat, so it’s actually a legit substitution for wheat flour. I haven’t baked with it, but from what I’ve read, it soaks up liquid a bit more than white flour does.

Have you guys done any baking with white whole wheat? Do you need to up the liquid content slightly, like you do when subbing regular wheat flour in place of white?

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5 thoughts on “Reader Question: What’s Up with White Whole Wheat?”

  1. Becky,

    I’ve been experimenting with white whole wheat. It’s not exactly like white, but my boys seem to accept it in the things I’ve made with it. The only exception was waffles. The older son didn’t like them and the younger one said they were the best waffles he ever had.

    Here’s a post I did on white whole wheat on MNN

    1. Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing this, Robin. I haven't ever cooked with it..only bought "white wheat bread" at the store out of curiosity. Those chocolate chip muffins looks fantastical!

  2. I have used white wheat flour on occasion, and it definitely performs more like whole wheat than like all purpose. It tastes only slightly lighter in texture than whole wheat. But I like the texture for certain things like breads, pie crusts, dinner rolls, etc. For cakes and cookies I usually just stick to the white stuff.

  3. I live by this stuff–I can’t get my kids to eat fully white whole wheat stuff, but half and half white and white whole wheat actually is a lot like plain white, and my kids can live with it. It’s good stuff!


  4. You read my mind I have been looking to order this product cause my daughter doesn’t like whole wheat flour taste in some of my bakery goods. However, I have no choice but to eat it but I wanted a mixture of both flours but I had no idea they sold this product until two weeks ago. I will order it any way regardless whether other people like it or not. I love trying new things any way when it comes to cooking.

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