Reader Question: BPA Free Canned Tomatoes?

Facebook tipster Amber Simms hipped us to this one in response to our post about Pomi tomatoes:

I believe there is a [tomato] brand whose cans are BPA free. It’s either Eden or Muer Glen (I think that’s the name…). Have you heard?

According their 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report Muir Glen and their parent company, General Mills, are “working with our can suppliers and can manufacturers to develop and test alternative linings that do not use BPA.” The company says they’ve found a good replacement and will roll out the BPA free cans with the “next tomato harvest.”

The report makes no mention of pulling canned Muir Glen tomatoes that are already on the shelves or of the date for the next tomato harvest. Since canned goods have a long shelf life by nature, that makes it tough to sort out which cans do and don’t contain BPA.

I contacted General Mills asking how we could tell which cans contained BPA and what their estimated date was for the next harvest. As of this time, I have not heard back.

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