Read ‘Em And Reap: Earthy Magazines For A Better Tomorrow Today

Greenhouses Help You Grow Your Own Food

A couple of years ago, I told my husband I wanted an herb farm. His response? “I’ve always wanted a greenhouse.”

Can’t stop lovin’ that man of mine.

We don’t have space in our yard  for a greenhouse — much less an herb farm — but I decided it was time to do some research. And along the way, I discovered a few magazines that won my heart forever.

If you’re seeking inspiration to eat better, drink better, take better care of the environment, and be more self-sufficient, you might want to check out one (or all) of these publications:

  • Mother Earth News. This rag has been around for awhile, but it still has swag (in a big way). Mother compiles and shares information about homesteading, sustainability, and being green. Want to plan your vegetable garden? Build a cold frame? Raise chickens? You’ll find tips galore from the Mother Earth News magazine and website. Love. Period.
  • Hobby Farms. I’ve read that “real farmers” don’t like to be called “hobby farmers,”  But Hobby Farms makes farming easier for me (as a non-farmer) to digest. Want to raise goats or buy the best tractor? Hobby Farms can help. It’s very appealing to me as a non-farmer trying to learn more.
  • Grit. It touts itself as providing “rural American know-how.” Down to earth, yet relatable — t’s a great resource for us farmer wannabes. Or just people who want to understand where their food comes from and how it was raised.

When these mags hit my mailbox, I get happy – and eager to find thirty minutes to dig into each issue. I flag pages, hoping to come back to them later. Will I? No clue. But at least I have this fabulous repository of real farm and food info just waiting for me when I do.

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