Rawesome Foods Gets Armed Raid for Providing Raw Goat Milk & Cheese


Nearly one year ago, Becky wrote about a ridiculous armed raid of a raw food co-op in California, Rawesome (video above of that). What a waste of resources. What a ridiculous raid in the first place. Now, apparently, the agencies involved in that raid have decided it wasn’t a waste of resources and have even decided it’s worth conducting another such raid. They’ve arrested 3 people on 13 counts of conspiracy to sell unpasteurized dairy products.

“A multi-agency SWAT-style armed raid was conducted this morning by helmet-wearing, gun-carrying enforcement agents from the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control),” Mike Adams of Natural News reported yesterday.

Thank you to all those wonderful agencies for doing such great work. (Sarcasm.)

Note that Rawesome is a “private buying club” that does not sell its product to the masses but only to people who agree to take responsibility for their own health into their hands. So,.. how is it even a public threat in any way, even if you consider raw milk and cheese potentially harmful to your health? (Which doesn’t seem to be proven.)

Founder of Rawesome James Stewart’s 2011 Arrest

James Stewart, the founder of Rawesome and “a pioneer in bringing wholesome raw foods directly to consumers through a buying club,” as Adams writes, “was followed from his private residence by law enforcement, and when he entered his store, the raid was launched.” He is reportedly being held on $123,000 bail and cannot use bail bonds. Furthermore, if he does come up with the cash, they’ve demanded he disclose where he got the money from. (Illegal.)

I’m sorry, but WTF?! He’s selling raw cheese and milk. He’s not a mafia lord.

Here are more details from Adams:

Law enforcement demanded that all customers (members) of the store vacate the premises, then they demanded to know how much cash James had at the store. When James explained the amount of cash he had at the store — which is used to purchase product for selling there — agents demanded to know why he had such an amount of cash and where it came from.

James was handcuffed, was never read his rights and was stuffed into an unmarked car. While agents said they would leave behind a warrant, no one has yet had any opportunity to even see if such a warrant exists or if it is a complete warrant.

Law enforcement then proceeded to destroy the inventory of the story by pouring the milk down the drain and / or confiscating raw cheese and fresh produce for destruction.

One report says that $10,000 worth of raw milk were dumped down the drain.

Video of this year’s raid:

2 More Arrested as Well

In addition to Stewart’s arrest, 2 more were arrested in raids of Rawesome and Healthy Family Farms — Sharon Palmer (of Healthy Family Farms) and Victoria Bloch (the local L.A. co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price foundation) — following the 21-page complaint that led to the raids. Palmer’s bail bond is recommended at $121,000 and Bloch’s at $60,000.

This seem totally beyond what is at all legal for law enforcement agencies to do in such a situation? It sure does to me. And Mike Adams writes: “We believe this was an ILLEGAL raid being conducted mob-style by government thugs who respect no law and no rights.This is an all-out war by the government against people who try to promote healthy raw and living foods.”

Actions Being Organized

Mass protests and direct action are needed right now to get the injustice of all this enough coverage to make a difference. And they are sorely needed not only for this case but for any future cases like it. Stay tuned for more info on those or send us a comment or email if you are organizing one. One that has been arranged in L.A. for this morning is as follows:

There will be a formal public protest at tomorrow’s arraignment hearings. If you live in Los Angeles, show up on the morning of 8/4 at Los Angeles Superior Court, Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple St., Los Angeles. Court opens at 8:30 a.m., so organizers are asking protesters to arrive at 7:45am.

Also, go to www.ConsumerWellness.org if you want to make a donation to Stewart’s legal defense fund. 100% of donations given are going towards that.

–>>Read the full summary of legal charges on Page 2

11 thoughts on “Rawesome Foods Gets Armed Raid for Providing Raw Goat Milk & Cheese”

  1. Unpasteurized milk was once a major contributor to shockingly high rates of infant mortality. It could also transmit other serious, potentially deadly diseases to older children and adults. Pasteurized milk is dangerous enough. Why would anyone want to drink it raw?

    1. thanks for the input, Laurie. i have to admit that i’m not very knowledgeable about raw dairy itself and consume very little dairy at all, but the actions taken in this scenario seem above and beyond what was necessary… multi-agency armed raid?

    2. You need to read up on milk processing practices during the early 1900s. There were often dairies located next to alcohol distilling plants and the animals were fed the swill. The thin, diseased milk was then mixed with disgusting fillers of all kinds to make the milk more palatable and stretch it further. On top of all that, proper refrigeration was a problem.

      We have come a long way since then. Uncooked milk kept in sterile conditions from healthy and happy animals is arguably the most perfect food on earth.

      As a mom of three young children, I want the option to provide my kids with the best nutrition. Sadly our source of raw goat milk dried up a couple of years ago due to state government harassment. My children get sick a bit more often now, but we’ll make due with the best dairy products available until something changes.

      These charges are OUTRAGEOUS. Spend our tax dollars on picking up rapists, drug dealers, thieves etc. They spent a whole year investigating this?? Why not make our city streets a safer place and let me pay $12 a gallon for whatever kind of milk I want to drink!!!

  2. I grew up on a farm with grass fed cows and drank raw milk all the time. It’s not dangerous if you know where you are getting it. This is the most ridiculous article i have ever read. Shame on any “public servant” involved in this naziesque raid.

  3. It’s legal to make and sell unpasteurized dairy products in California but farms must have licenses and permits and submit to regular veterinarian inspections of the animals as well as follow equipment and sanitation requirements.

    Rawesome market in Venice has operated for six years without permits.

    Buy your raw milk from Organic Pastures. It’s safer.

    1. good to know. i’m not a local and was not aware.

      on Rawesome’s legality,.. it seems they are not a commercial outlet but a private members group.. which seems like it should not need such permits

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