Raw Food Restaurant: Cafe 118 in Orlando, Florida

raw pad thai from 118 Degrees raw restaurant in Orlando

This raw pad Thai from Cafe 118 in Orlando was delicious! The noodles were shredded squash and carrots, and they were tossed in some kind of magical sesame cashew glaze.

Just around the corner from my in-laws’ church in Winter Park, an Orlando neighborhood, there’s a little raw food restaurant tucked away. I have passed this place dozens of times. Since it’s closed on Sundays, I never got a chance to pop in, but over Thanksgiving weekend my mom and I were able to make it down there for lunch. It was delightful!

Cafe 118 (caution: the website plays music that you can’t mute right away!) is an all raw restaurant, and the healthy, crunchy pad thai and super delicious guacamole with flax and jalapeno chips that we shared were the perfect lunch to offset the heavy Thanksgiving eats we’d had the day before.

The Orlando eatery is a little bit on the pricey side, with entrees starting at around $15 and appetizers in the $10-$12 range, but a main dish and an appetizer was plenty for mom and me. Since I was feeling a little under the weather, I also got a beet, carrot, and orange juice to go. It was totally delicious and worth the $5!

We were too stuffed to order a dessert, but they offer some really tasty-looking options, like raw cheese cake (no cheese involved!), a berry parfait, and raw s’mores. Yum!

Cafe 118 gets its name from a common raw food philosophy: keeping food below 118 degrees Farenheight preserves their natural vitamins and nutrients. Their food is all totally vegan and they use organic ingredients.

Next time I’m down in Orlando, I’m definitely going to make a trip back out to Cafe 118 to try some more of their delightful-looking menu.

Cafe 118. 153 East Morse Blvd; Winter Park, FL. 407-389-2233



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